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How To Find Misspelled eBay Auctions Using

How To Find Misspelled Auctions

Everyday on eBay items are sold way below what they are really
worth because sellers create listings and spell the name of the item
wrong in the title. When this happens, the item doesn’t show up in
searches when people search for the item and no one bids and the
auction ends with a low price.

Now you can use to find these listings with
the built-in Misspelled Listing Finder Feature on the search page.

Basic Instructions:

1. Start a new search.

2. Choose the eBay site to search and category.

3. Choose Listing Type. It will work with AUCTION ITEMS ONLY or FIXED PRICED items but I recommended choosing AUCTION ITEMS ONLY because the object is to find auctions that won’t get bid on.

4. Create Query. Put the term you want to find misspelled listings for in keyword box inside curly brackets. Example:    {playstation} -playstation

5. Fine Tune Search. Put other terms in keyword box to make the search more specific. Example:    {playstation} 3 console -playstation -used

You can experiment with Search Title and Description checkbox.
I think leaving this unchecked will produce better results though.

and of course: Choose Price Range.

Note: -playstation in the query will remove listings that are spelled correctly because we only want listings that the average buyer can’t find.


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