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How To Find Misspelled eBay Auctions Using

How To Find Misspelled Auctions Using Everyday on eBay items are sold way below what they are really worth because sellers create listings and spell the name of the item wrong in the title. When this happens, the item doesn’t show up in searches when people search for the item and no one bids […]

Your Biggest eBay Questions Answered!

  I am a professional eBay buyer and seller and I have access to other big names in the field. One reason for creating AutomatedSearches was to empower eBay buyers and sellers like myself to be successful on eBay.   I will be continually adding and eBay training videos to our website to help […]

Can I get deals on items on eBay that are regular auctions?

Answer: Not usually. The reason is that unless the seller did a crappy job at creating the listing, the item will probably get bid up to what it’s worth or even more. The best way I’ve found to get deals on eBay every single day is to SWIPE Buy It Now items that are under-priced […]