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eBay Wildcard Searches No Longer Supported

ebay announced that as of November 5, 2012 the wildcard functionality will no longer be supported.
This functionality allowed users to include an asterisk with their keyword search that would include all spelling variations for an item. 
For example, a keyword search of “ip*” might include listings with “ipod, ipods, ipad, ipads, ipadd,” etc. in title in search results. 
eBay is no longer supporting wildcard searches because recent changes to how search works already takes into account many spelling variations, and it enables to more efficiently deliver search results faster. 
Since uses the eBay system, we will have the same limitation.
This will be an inconvenience for us users that have been relying on using wildcard searches for years.
You can still use the other format of expanding searches using parenthesis and commas…
(ipod, ipods, ipad, ipads, ipadd)
This translates to   ipod OR ipods OR ipad OR ipads OR ipadd
You must use the parenthesis for this to work correctly. Commas alone in a search don’t do anything.
To update your searches, go to:


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I’ll help you find what you want on eBay

Are you having trouble finding what you want on eBay?
eBay search creation is a science AND an art
and I know it can be frustrating to create a search
that gives you the exact items you want without
getting useless items.
Until Thursday, July 5th, I can create custom 
eBay searches for you free of charge.
Just reply to this email with all the information needed for the search.
Please include the exact item, model, color, size, condition(used,new,all)
Apple iPod nano
2nd Generation
4 GB
Brand New
$50 or less
I will create the search in your account and activate it.
All information received will remain confidential.
Thank You,
Dave Moniz
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Search eBay locally like Craigslist

I just added a useful feature to the search system so we can search eBay like Craigslist to find items locally.

Max Distance Filter
With the Max Distance Filter, you will only receive results for items within the specified distance from your postal code.
This will come in handy for buying items like cars and motorcycles where you don’t want to travel far to get the vehicle.
I am currently looking to buy a new motorcycle so I set the distance to 150 miles and Listing Type to All Item Types so it will also search eBay classifieds.
To use this feature, just specify the max distance from the pulldown menu and be sure your postal code is specified.
Max Distance Filter also works In the completed listings mode.
Try this new feature and see how it can help you be more successful on eBay.
Thank You,
Dave Moniz
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New search & research functions – find eBay items right away

I was finding myself going to the eBay website instead of when I just wanted to buy one item
right away without setting up an automated search for it.
I knew something was missing so
I redesigned!
The new search page is optimized for real-time searching!
The search page has been redesigned to allow a more powerful
way to search eBay in real-time. 
You can find the items that you want to buy on eBay right away and 
you can also save the search so you can be notified of new items listed later.
Some new features
– Redesigned page layout so you can start viewing results without scrolling.
– New sort choices: price+shipping lowest, ending soonest, Best Match and more…
– View up to 100 listings at a time with multiple eBay result pages.
– Completed listings research function.
In the completed listings mode, you can see the prices that an item has
sold for in the past so you can have a realistic idea of what price to expect
to pay for that item.
Try the new search page and see how it can help you be more successful on eBay.
Thank You,
Dave Moniz
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Free eBay Text Message Alerts are now available!

Free Text Message Alerts are now available!
You can receive eBay search alerts faster and directly to 
your cell phone as a text message with SMS Text Message Alerts.
To activate your SMS Text Message Alerts…
1. click this link:
2. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu.
3. Choose what you want to receive SMS Text Message Alerts for:
– Search Results Containing Fixed-Priced Items.
With this setting, you will receive a Text Message alert if the search result
contains one or more items that have a Buy It Now or fixed-price.
– Selected Searches Only
You will be able to choose which searches you want to receive 
SMS Text Message Alerts for with a check box on the search page.
– All Searches
Self explanatory…
4. Enter your cell phone number.
5. Click Save Changes.
You will then receive an activation text message to your phone!
This service is only available to United States and Canada phone numbers.
Other countries will be available soon.
Thank You,
Dave Moniz


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