eBay Compatible Application

New Features: Minimum Feedback filter!

I have just added another new feature to the search system.
Minimum Feedback filter!
You can now filter out out eBay sellers that
don’t live up to your feedback standards.
This filter is straight-forward. 
It will only show listings from sellers with
a feedback score at or higher than this number.
Just like on the eBay site, the default is zero.
If you don’t care about feedback score,
there is no need to change this.
Updated Full Featured Email Results format
To make finding information easier,

I updated the Full Featured Email Results format.

Full Featured Email Results are available with Business or Premium
acccount upgrades. If you have a Free Account and would like to try
Full Featured Email Results, You can Upgrade Your Account free for 30 days.

I am committed to having be the best
automated eBay search and alert system available.
If you have any questions or suggestions
for new features, please comment below. 

Thank You,
Dave Moniz
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