eBay Compatible Application

Can I get deals on items on eBay that are regular auctions?

Answer: Not usually. The reason is that unless the seller did a crappy job at creating the listing, the item will probably get bid up to what it’s worth or even more. The best way I’ve found to get deals on eBay every single day is to SWIPE Buy It Now items that are under-priced before anyone else does!

And professional buyers like me know this so they will usually be first to scoop up the deals before the regular buyers even know the item is listed…

But, by using, you can get the deals that the professional buyers get. All you have to do is create and save a search for the item that you want to find and everytime someone lists one of those items in the price range that you want… AutomatedSearches will automatically send you an email with information and a link to the auction. Youwill have a chance to grab this under-priced item before other even know it’s available.

The basic service is FREE so there’s nothing to lose and under-priced auctions to win!



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