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Introduction to Automated Seller Question System for eBay


Welcome to Introduction to Automated Seller Question System brought to you by

My name is dave moniz already saves us lots of time by automating our eBay searches.

Today I’m going to talk about a feature to save us time when asking eBay sellers questions.

In my business, I buy the same types of items on eBay over and over again.
And, I usually have to ask eBay sellers the same questions. This can take lots of time and effort.

With the Automated Seller Question System, I can ask a seller a question with only 3 clicks.

As you can see here from this search result email, there is a link labeled ASQ.
If you click this link, you will get the Automated Seller Question System.

Just choose a predefined question from the list and it will go into the question box.

You could edit the text in the box or even click multiple questions.

When ready, click SEND and it will be sent to the seller.

To manage the Question list from the home page, just click on Manage Automated Seller Questions.

From here you can do things like create new questions… edit questions… reorder questions… and even delete questions.

This system can save eBay buyers like yourself many hours of wasted time and free you to do the things you really want to do.

This is Dave Moniz and thank you for watching “Introduction to Automated Seller Question System”. Brought to you by

Brought to you by

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