eBay Compatible Application

Search eBay locally like Craigslist

I just added a useful feature to the search system so we can search eBay like Craigslist to find items locally.

Max Distance Filter
With the Max Distance Filter, you will only receive results for items within the specified distance from your postal code.
This will come in handy for buying items like cars and motorcycles where you don’t want to travel far to get the vehicle.
I am currently looking to buy a new motorcycle so I set the distance to 150 miles and Listing Type to All Item Types so it will also search eBay classifieds.
To use this feature, just specify the max distance from the pulldown menu and be sure your postal code is specified.
Max Distance Filter also works In the completed listings mode.
Try this new feature and see how it can help you be more successful on eBay.
Thank You,
Dave Moniz
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