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Migration to eBay’s new data API

As required by eBay for all developers, I am in the process of migrating our system to eBay’s latest data API. eBay’s API (Application Programming Interface), is the system that uses to request and receive data from eBay. This transition will be complete by end of day today (12/19/2021).

Since eBay has added features and removed others in this new API, you will see changes to the search creation page and alerts you receive from Over time, eBay will evolve this API, but as of now, these are the differences:

• The start date of listings are no longer be available.
• Fixed-Priced-Listings no longer show a listing end date.
• Full listing descriptions are replaced with short descriptions.
• Both of the eBay Belgium sites are no longer available.
• Only one item in multi-variant listings will be returned.
Maximum Distance and Local Pickup Available filters are automatically combined.
• The Search Locations: Only Items Located In filter will no longer have a “US & Canada” or “European Union” option. Only single countries can be selected.

These limitations are a result of changes that eBay made to their system and are beyond our control.

Note: It has always been the case, but I want to remind you that if you want shipping prices in your search results, you must include your correct postal code. This is especially important if you use price filters (Min/Max) in your searches to get the proper filtering.

It may take some time for the system to balance out and you may see a temporary increase in alerts.

If you notice any strange behavior, or have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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