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See the deal I got on a New Google Nexus 7

We have added 5 new pre-made searches. This will save you time in finding popular items. GOOGLE NEXUS 7 ANDROID TABLET 8GB GOOGLE NEXUS 7 ANDROID TABLET 16GB I used this search to get a brand new nexus for $170. GOOGLE NEXUS 7 ANDROID TABLET 8GB GOOGLE NEXUS 10 ANDROID TABLET GOOGLE ANDROID CAPACITIVE TABLET […]

eBay Wildcard Search article from eBay

This is an article from eBay about the wildcard depreciation. As we’ve previously announced, eBay is deprecating wildcard queries from search, including web and mobile search, saved searches, and API calls to search. We’ve been working with our Product Team to create documentation around best practices and how you can best move your business forward. […]

eBay Wildcard Searches No Longer Supported

ebay announced that as of November 5, 2012 the wildcard functionality will no longer be supported.   This functionality allowed users to include an asterisk with their keyword search that would include all spelling variations for an item.    For example, a keyword search of “ip*” might include listings with “ipod, ipods, ipad, ipads, ipadd,” etc. in title […]

I’ll help you find what you want on eBay

Are you having trouble finding what you want on eBay? eBay search creation is a science AND an art and I know it can be frustrating to create a search that gives you the exact items you want without getting useless items. So… Until Thursday, July 5th, I can create custom eBay searches for you free of […]

Search eBay locally like Craigslist

I just added a useful feature to the search system so we can search eBay like Craigslist to find items locally. Max Distance Filter With the Max Distance Filter, you will only receive results for items within the specified distance from your postal code. This will come in handy for buying items like cars and motorcycles where you don’t want to travel […]